For veteran and beginning authors alike, books on the craft and business of writing are valuable resources for every step of the process. But, with so many titles out there, the choices can be overwhelming. Here are a  few of the titles I turn to every time.


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Part Wild

When writer's block hits, most resources out there will tell you just to push through it. But, if brute force isn't your style, Deb Norton's book will help you find a way over, under, or around your own creative block. 

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Editors on Editing

This is an oldie and, while it often dates itself, it provides an in-depth primer on book editing, discussing everything from the different types of editing to how editors and authors can best work together.

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Bird By Bird

From "Shitty First Drafts" to how you know when you're finished, Anne Lamott offers witty, down-to-earth advice for pushing forward, staying sane, and being kind to yourself when the going gets tough.

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The Artful Edit

Susan Bell's book becomes a writer's best friend once the first draft is finished. She offers useful exercises and strategies, along with inspirational interviews with world class authors.

On Writing

Stephen King's iconic book is part memoir, part primer. He begins by recalling his own life through the lens of his need to write, and moves on to practical, inspiring advice for readers on every aspect of the job. 



Edited by Manjula Martin, this collection of phenomenal essays by published authors of all stripes starts to demystify the financial elements of writing and publishing.


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